SENTINEL room mode of action

The system of decontamination of rooms and equipment SENTINEL room guarantees the highest level of reduction of pathogenic microorganisms, thus ensuring the highest level of microbiological safety. The results of the conducted studies confirm the reduction of Geobacillus stearothermophilus 10^6 by 6 logarithms. In order to guarantee such a high level of reduction and the possibility of performing validation, scientists based on the methodology of low-temperature sterilization processes of medical tools and devices.

Positively verified all attempts to test efficiency using the SENTINEL room decontamination device using 12% hydrogen peroxide UMHP120, changes the perspective of the decontamination process. Automated disinfection gives way to real room sterilization. SENTINEL room is the first Polish system that meets the highest standards of effectiveness and safety in the reduction of Geobacillus stearotermophilus 10^6 during one cycle.

The efficient, safe and user-friendly SENTINEL room decontamination system was created to fully protect patients, staff and the natural environment. In the process uses hydrogen peroxide - a substance whose products of decomposition is oxygen and water. The effectiveness of the system in reducing the microbial burden by 6 logarithms has been verified by using control strains in the sterilization process - Geobacillus stearothermophilus 10^6. It is easy to use thanks to the use of a friendly control system and full mobility. SENTINEL room uses the latest solutions, including a fully automated agent pulling system or an automated ultrasonic nozzle, thus allowing safe and effective use to eliminate microbiological hazards



Is an effective, safe and friendly in operation system designed for decontamination: hospital rooms with elevated aseptics along with all equipment, including sensitive medical equipment, rooms in the pharmaceutical industry and many other places.



I. The system effectively reduces all pathogenic microorganisms including Geobacillus stearotermophilus spores 10^6 by 6 rows (6 logarithms) already during one cycle - confirmed by tests carried out by:



Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection

Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology


  • It enables to validate the process using biological tests Geobacillus stearothermophilus 10^6;
  • Perfectly penetrates and eliminates the risk of condensation on the surface, thanks to the creation of a vapour built on 12% hydrogen peroxide (HPV);
  • It allows you to verify the effectiveness of the process using chemical test strips.


II. SENTINEL room decontamination system has been tested in accordance with PN-EN 17272 by:



Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

and Microbiological Diagnostics


  • In the conducted study, the SENTINEL room on average exceeded by two times the requirements of the reduction of individual pathogenic strains (S,B,V,F,Tbc) required by PN-EN 17272.


Safe in use

  • SENTINEL room gets out disinfectant from the canisters through fully automated pneumatic pulling out system - eliminating staff contact with H2O2
  • The inlet of needles to canister takes place automatically, without participation of operator
  • The disinfectant gets out through the automatically comimng out ultrasonic nozzle, right after the operator starts the process and leaves the room.
  • Pneumatically retractable nozzle eliminates the risk of contact with H2O2 and reduces the risk of mechanical damage
  • The motion sensor and door lock of the device eliminate the possibility direct contact with the disinfectant
  • Running the process through a dedicated RFID key prevents it from access by unauthorized persons
  • The disinfectant is completely safe. It does not cause corrosion, it is biodegradable and the residue of the process are atomic oxygen and steam water
  • The main switch has full protection thanks to the possibility additional blocking directly on the switch.


SENTINEL room features

  • The user-friendly 4-inch screen is intuitive process control system
  • Connecting to peripheral devices via WiFi and LAN
  • Archives data from the processes carried out
  • Intuitive creation of database (departments and rooms etc.)
  • It is equipped with four low-noise castors with a bearing, including two with brakes
  • It has small dimensions (49x60x106cm) and weight (48kg)
  • Decontaminates rooms up to 100 cubic meters
  • It has an expiry date reader, serial number, level of disinfectant liquid
  • It requires 230V power and max 2,5kW power.

Technology of the decontamination process

Maximum efficiency and protection of the equipment

The course of individual phases is controlled and monitored by our staff and additionally by the device itself. The previously washed, decontaminated room is filled with H2O2 until the biocidal concentration is reached. During the biodegradation phase, the system keeps hydrogen peroxide in the form of a dry mist, thanks to which the effectiveness in an environment is maximized. The cycle is a "dry" process because the concentration of peroxide is kept below the critical point of condensation at all times.

During the phase of contact time with the decontamination agent, its diffusion into the room is stopped. The cycle time depends on the humidity, room volume and equipment. On average, the cycle, for a room with a cubic capacity of 100m3, takes about 1.5 hours.

The method of decontamination using SENTINELroom is characterized by the highest efficiency in the full spectrum of biocidal activity. In addition, the use of the system is a safe and efficient alternative to the previously used techniques of decontamination of rooms and air. In addition, it is characterized by wide material compatibility. The decontamination process maintains the requirements of the user's safety and the natural environment.


Decontamination based on the SENTINELroom system using 12% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a process that achieves 6 log in the reduction of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus 10^6. The application of the process protects patients and personnel from biological contamination, allows to maximize the time of use of the premises. The technology used affects microorganisms that are destroyed by free radicals. This method has the widest spectrum of virucidal, germicidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity. The decontamination agent is evenly distributed in the room, which guarantees its equal concentration in the active form. The unique technology used by us enables safe decontamination of rooms with the equipment and apparatus in them and has no impact on the life cycle of delicate equipment. This process does not cause corrosion and does not adversely affect devices (eg diagnostic and computer equipment, medical equipment, installations, etc.), as well as metals and building materials.